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Discover the great
potential within you!

I’ll walk with you on your path of 

self-discovery. Let me guide you on how to become aware of yourself, and to reach your greatest potential.

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Hi, I'm Catalina.


I'm so glad you're here! I deeply believe in human transformation: regardless of circumstances, age and background, we have the capacity to live a full life.


Full of what, you ask? Full of motivation, joy, and satisfaction. Accepting that life comes with ups and downs, but we can ALWAYS learn and live as we wish.

I accompany people on the path of self-discovery, teaching them how to become aware of themselves and their great potential.

Catalina Rey Martínez
Bilingual Psychologist

About me

Let's work together

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Group Mentoring

I needed to understand why my love relationships were not working well. In therapy I began to understand why. The sessions with Catalina helped me to know myself more, to know that the limits in relationships are important, that I am valuable, I am worthy of good things and I am the most important person for me. These words have positively impacted my life. I am grateful that my love relationships have improved. I am happy to have met Catalina, she made me a better person.

- Santiago Arenas


Catalina is a great psychologist! The connection with the emotional and behavioral part in the analysis of things that happen to us makes a lot of sense, I am very grateful for their experience and support.

- Natalia Cadavid

We faced many difficulties when our youngest child went to daycare. Thanks to the observations and analysis Catalina made with us, we, as parents, were able to focus on a solution. Catalina helped us to remove what should not be in our minds and hearts and thus, be able to heal to give all the love and attention to our family.

- Allison Guillen


I will be happy to walk with you through this process!

Send me a message to find out how I can do it within the scope of my professional services and according to your specific needs. I will reach out as soon as possible via e-mail.


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Contact me 

You can also contact me via:

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(+57) 318 623 9711

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