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About me

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Hi, I'm Catalina. Welcome and thank you for being here! I deeply believe in human transformation, regardless of circumstances, age, and history. We all have the capacity to live a plentiful life. 

But how? You may ask yourself, and that is what I’m here for. A plentiful life is full of motivation, joy, and satisfaction. Accepting that life comes with ups and downs, and that we can ALWAYS learn and live as we wish.

Although I was born in Colombia, I think about myself as a citizen of the world. From an early age, I traveled and lived with my family in different places. As a result, I now have a wonderful broad vision of the world. I put this knowledge at the service of people from different cultures with whom I work. I keep in touch with many people, both in English and Spanish-speaking countries.

From an early age, I began to have emotional difficulties that affected my life. I did not know what wasn’t “clicking” with me, thus I embarked on my own journey. Despite going to various therapists, I could not find a solution. They used to say: "You suffer from xxx (each one had a different diagnosis). Take this medication and everything will be fine." And the truth was not like that. I never felt calm and in control of myself. On the contrary, I felt more and more empty and desperate. 
However, time is wise and puts things in the right place at the right time. Many, many years passed and then I started seeing a change. 

My improvement began with a change of environment. That made it possible for me to meet with myself. With the help of wonderful teachers who have accompanied me along the way, my story changed. This journey led me to study psychology. This was when I was able to find clarity. I discovered that there are different kinds of ways to support men and women like me who don’t need a cure. But a hand. Perhaps guidance and a light to walk the right path for ourselves. 

I accompany people to:

  • Work on difficult family relationships

  • Apply respectful parenting with children 

  • Learn techniques to manage anxiety

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Heal attachment and childhood issues

  • Break out of depression 

  • Connect with the power of inner transformation

  • Build lasting happiness from within 

  • Build meaningful and lasting relationships

Then, motherhood confirmed to me that the potential for transformation lies within each person. Besides, I decide to go with my daughter on her path. I dedicated myself to reading and studying everything related to emotional intelligence, assertive communication, and respectful parenting. Since then I have been giving workshops to groups of mothers and fathers.

Today I work with people on their paths of self-discovery. I’ve created online classes and courses, especially for women. It’s my compromise to women who are determined to take a step towards personal transformation.

If you have come this far, it's because your whole being is crying out for a change, but you don't know where to start. I can show you how to get out of where you are, becoming aware of your life and all its wonderful possibilities.

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Marca de agua Catalina-3.png

I love to study and along the way, I trained in positive psychology, mindfulness, and transgenerational therapies. My psychological methodology focus on an integral approach to the human being. My commitment is embracing all its rational and spiritual dimensions.
Let's start together this magical journey

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